2006-05-25 0148 RPG: Man, I love Perl. It's the bestest programming language in the world, ever.

Giving a little Perl love

Man, I love Perl. It’s the bestest programming language in the world, ever.

I’ve added a little more code to my Realm Generator. Feed in information about your Realm, it’s Provinces, etc, and it’ll kick out the stats, and a little hex map of your territory too. If you don’t like the “shape” of your lands, right-click on the images and hit Refresh and it’ll give you another layout. And another, and another.

It ain’t pretty (yet!), but it works. Not bad for under 200 lines of code in total.

Next step: putting map symbols in place. At the moment the provinces are colour coded but it would be good to add texture and detail to the whole thing. And terrain for the hexes outside your Realm. And coastlines. Oh my. Mustn’t forget those.

Now, I’m sleepy. Night night all!

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