Comments on 2006-05-23 1722 Writing: Also, my realm is powerful, but we don't wage war. We just accept contracts and do hits. Depending on the target, it may even cost millions of . . .

great story. I also emailed two friends to join the rpg. I hope my character wasnt a bit overboard and if anyone asks, yes I took some ideas from Elder Scrolls.

reaper 2006-05-23 17:46 UTC

Nope, that’s great! The backstory sound good, apart from the bit about the Realm only being accessible via teleportation. That’s a bit too restrictive! :) I’ll find an out of the way corner of the globe for you though so it’s accessible by teleporation, or long and difficult overland travel. It does also mean that his troops, etc will have the same restrictions though…….

In terms of power-level for Melzar you’re pretty close – the Regents won’t be God-like, but they’ll certainly be among the most powerful people around.

How’s that sound?

GreyWulf 2006-05-23 17:53 UTC

Great1 I didn’t mean that as no one can get to my realm, the way (although it shouldn’t be known at first which is why I didn’t mention it) is by jumping in the portal just before it closes. You will however have to find a way to open one to get back. For example, although most of the members won’t give in to torture because of suicide, the new recruits may be tortured into opening a portal. Another situation, the guard of an assassinated royal jumps in after the murderer and is teleported with him. The reason in is only asscessible by this is that it is one of those “pocket universes”. Although a mage of Melzar’s level could possibly open it with the help of an artifact or something. It isn’t invulnerable once you know how to access it.

Sorry for the long winded speech, lol.

reaper 2006-05-23 20:25 UTC

Also, my realm is powerful, but we don’t wage war. We just accept contracts and do hits. Depending on the target, it may even cost millions of currency. So we won’t just go and wipe out an entire realm, where’s the fun in that? Unless of course someone got a hold of something from every person in that realm. The reason Melzar wants people to get something from their intended hit is because they must be worthy of their service and the fact that he enjoys messing with people’s heads.

reaper 2006-05-23 20:28 UTC

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