2006-05-23 1031 RPG: Dreams Of Gaea role-playing setting. Want to play?

Dreams Of Gaea

The colony was two hundred and fifteen years in the making. We each spread out from the dome onto a freshly terraformed land, a new Eden far richer in natural bounty than the grey and lifeless Earth we had left behind, a paradise of plants and wild beasts, a new home for mankind.
We named her Gaea.

I’ve decided to give PlayByWiki a thorough playtest, so this involve you too. Yes, you!

Dreams of Gaea is a roleplaying setting, a Jupiter-sized planet that’s been recently terraformed but ended up in ways the original colonists couldn’t have expected. An Essence runs through Gaea, turning and changing everything. The colonists called it Magic. Skip forward a generation or two and the families have taken Realms, whole swathes of countryside that has been tamed (of sorts). You play the ruler of the Realm, managing it’s needs while plotting and negotiating with your neighbours.

If you’re interested in joining in and taking over a Realm, register at PlayByWiki, leave a comment over at the site, and watch out for more news soon!

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