2006-05-20 1217 Linux: autofill version 0.3 released

autofill version 0.3 released

I’ve done a little updating to autofill. This is a small perl script which makes autofilling an iPod a cinch under Linux. Download it here and rename it to autofill.

It now just adds music by default rather than wiping the iPod first. Use

 autofill -w

to wipe the iPod clean first, then fill it with random tracks. The default behaviour makes it easier to add the stuff you do want first (podcasts, music, audiobooks, whatever) then fill up the space with random tracks. The -w option is good if you want a clean slate.

There’s also no need to put the size of your iPod in the script now – it’s calculated automatically, so it’s now good for “big” iPods as well as the Shuffle.

You need GNUPod installed, but everything else should be provided by a standard perl installation.

Remember to change your usual mount point and music source directory in the script – these can be overridden from the command line too if you want to pull music from a different directory of have your ipod mounted someplace else, like so:

 autofill -m /mnt/shuffle -s /Music/albums


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