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You can get perfectly LEGAL MP3 downloads from Mercedes-Benz. There is a link on my blog if you are interested. The music is from around the world and some of it is excellent. The website allows you to listen to the tracks, select the ones you like, then download away!
– Greg

Greg 2006-01-09 14:51 UTC

Exactly, Greg. There are much better alternatives to actually buying CDs off the shelf. That’s why the recording industry is running scared and producing such locked-down unwanted pap as DRM, and pushing legislation through “protecting” their interests.

I’ll happily buy MP3s for a fair price. I’ll buy CDs for a fair price too (though I’d rather buy 10 mp3 tracks I really want than 2 good tracks + 7 bad ones as is usual on a CD). In this day and age, CDs should cost around $3 to buy. If they did that, piracy would pretty much end, DRM would be irrelevant and they’d still turn a profit.

Downloads are the way to go though. The recording industry needs to embrace it, not kill themselves trying to prevent it.

GreyWulf 2006-01-09 15:50 UTC

I signed it and completely agree with it. Exactly what you said GreyWulf! In this day and age, $16 or more for a CD is just stupid. I mean, why would anyone buy an album for $16 with only one song they wanted off of it, when they can get the song they want and none of the other crap for free?? Or even 99 cents at itunes! And MP3s last forever, CDs get scratched and broken and then you have to buy more. It’s really just common sense :D

Stephanie Davies 2006-01-09 22:54 UTC

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