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Anti-virus apps is a subject that’s been up for discussion a long time and sometimes I doubt that you can trust anyone who’s selling them. I mean, they DO make money from it and someone is also making the virus. So what would be more convinient than paying some hackers to produce the virus and then have this “apps” to sell?
That’s been the main speculations around this for years now…

And I wouldn’t buy anything from Microcrap unless I had to…and since I don’t have to buy anti-virus software from them – nopes. Not a chance.

christa 2005-12-01 13:10 UTC

The trouble with all Microsoft software is that it’s so universal that it’s always the first to be targetted with any form of malware. So, personally I like to mix it up with other brands to reduce risk. Their anti-spyware software is regarded as being up there with the best of the best though – it’ll be interesting to see if they can come out with a high quality product that doesn’t get hacked immediatley.

publicenergy 2005-12-01 13:23 UTC

To my mind, Mictosoft providing anti-virus software is like if a car manufacturer made a car that had a history of exploding and to “fix” it they offer to provide a fire extinguisher.

GreyWulf 2005-12-01 14:26 UTC

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