2006-05-18 0826 Linux: Are you genuine?

“Not genuine”

I suspect a lot of people will be waking up today to find that their computer is running fake software. The latest Windows Update is Microsoft’s biggest push to date to encourage or force people to give cash to the (obviously) cash-starved company. I reckon a shedload of people will be mighty annoyed as they ARE using “genuine” software, but it hasn’t detected it as such. Or they believed that it was, having been told that by the company that sold them the computer in the first place. Red faces all round.

Either way, there’s only one way to know with 100% certainty that your computer is running non-pirated or incorrectly installed software. One way to guarantee that your own data isn’t going to be wiped clean overnight after a Windows Update discovers you’re not “genuine” and Microsoft tightens the screws just a little tighter.

Install Linux.

Go on. Go to http://www.ubuntu.com and they’ll even ship you an installation CD for free. They’ll throw in a Live CD too, so you can try Linux out without installing a thing. Heck, they’ll send you 10 or 50, so you can pass it on to your friends, all for free, and for real. Now, that’s a Genuine Advantage.

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

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