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Well said.

There’s so much contradiction in religion. It’s a tough call. As long as people have solid morals and don’t judge others for their own choices, I’m a happy fella.

For the record I’m not religious and I just hope people who are religious don’t judge me for that.

JJ 2006-03-21 17:31 UTC

Oh, they will my friend, they will :)

GreyWulf 2006-03-21 22:14 UTC

Interesting post.

Personally I’m Agnostic (not being sure about the whole God thing is a religion, right?) and the idea of heaven and hell, or if Muslim the 99 virgins just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. (Sorry for the ignorance + cliche. And about the correct number of virgins, I’m almost certain it’s not 99)

If Heaven/Hell exist for us surely they must exist for all creatures who are able to differentiate between what we would term good and evil actions. So just how does that work exactly?

My feeling is that Occams razor rules it out, and that the bible is nothing more than a semi-useful guide to morality which itself has a number of large and significant holes and discrepancies. It was written by humans for humans. Nothing more, nothing less. The crux of belief might be faith, but I find myself incapable of allowing mysticism be the guiding light behind my life. It just doesn’t feel right.

To quote Red Dwarf: No silicon heaven? Preposterous!

r3dux 2006-03-22 21:43 UTC

Heh. Good points, R3dux. Some days I think that mysticism makes a heck of a lot more sense than our so-called knowledge. It seems that the more we know, the more realize just how little we know. Ergo, we’re making ourselves more stupid. Best to stop now before we end up really dumb :)

As to whether there’s a God; at this stage in my life, I’d say no. The evidence points against it. Ask me in ten years time and I’m likely to say yes. Swings and roundabouts.

There’s three possibilities, the way I see it. Either there are Gods and they care about us, there are Gods and they don’t care, or there are no Gods.

The Bible of the Islam, Muslim and Christian world and pretty much every other religion agree on the polytheistic part, so we’re clearly talking multiple deities, or none at all.

If there are Gods and they care then They gave us free will and made us in their image; we are our own Gods, made by them to be our own Gods and creators of our own destiny.

If there are Gods and they don’t care, then we are our own Gods, and creators of our own destiny.

If there are no Gods, then we are our own Gods, and creators of our own destiny.

Same result every time. We are our own Gods and religion is futile.

But heck, what do I know, eh?


GreyWulf 2006-03-23 01:10 UTC

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