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Poor Michael Fish. He probably made history among weather guys, that’s for sure, but as you said it wasn’t his fault. He just did what any weather guy would’ve done back then when they were more than nasal blondes pointing at a weather map – he knew the difference between a storm and a hurrican and therefor he replied to that woman’s worries that there was no hurricane on it’s way to England. The rest was just bad luck. As they say – timing is everything.

As for the rest of the 80’s – I loved the 80’s :D But yes, today there’s a lot of embarrassing things about it. Just the way we all were hooked to Dallas, Dynasty and Falcon Crest…I missed Colby’s completely, thank heaven’s…hehe
What they forgot to mention, and maybe it wasn’t that big around here, was Miami Vice. I saw an episode a few years ago and man…hehehe

The music was stunning in the 80’s. A lot of new “sounds” came out of nowhere back then, like Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Their style was new and fresh. And all the bands like Ultravox and the German Kraftwork. Jean Michael Jarre also bloomed in the 80’s with his stunning shows and music.

As for the clothes, the 70’s is just as embarrassing as the 80’s to me…hehe Just awful.
In another 20 years time, our kids will watch similar shows to this one and blush when they get reminded of what they enjoy today. It’s a part of the human nature I think and how we change with time. But it was a fun show last night, I agree :D

christa 2006-02-25 10:20 UTC

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