2006-05-16 0644 Lifestuff: Heavy lifting

Heavy lifting

I spent a fair chunk of yesterday clearing rubble; a motorhome clipped the gates where we live. That buckled and the stone pillar collapsed. Goodbye 250 years of history in one move. :(

I hasten to add that it wasn’t the fault of the driver though – the gates sensors are temperamental and they closed before he’d come all the way through. There wasn’t a lot he could have done to prevent it once events started moving. Amazingly the motorhome (and driver!) came away relatively unscathed with just a busted wing mirror, scraped door and a touch of smashed fibre glass.

This, however, was the state of the pillar.


See the blue rope tied to the gate? Our 82-year old landlord was fixing that up after the accident to try to tie the gates back. On a ladder. In the rain. I know. It’s the kind of thing he does.

Somewhat predictably, he fell, and that’s when we were fetched. He’s in hospital now with a broken pelvis, and I wish him the fastest possible recovery.

After the ambulances (yes, two. The first one only had a driver so he had to call a second to help him with the stretcher. Don’t ask.) had gone we used a JCB from the handy-dandy farm down the road. With the help of a few of the farm hands (read: they did most of the work. Heck, they’re 1,000 times stronger than me), the rubble and gates were cleared in no time.

Anyhow. That was my day. What did you do yesterday?

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