2006-05-14 1535 Writing: New story at The Grey Scribe: Jason


The small crowd walked the smoothly arching white corridor, following the tourguide with Pavlovian obedience. His voice echoed down to the stragglers at the back, his amplified words only partially muffling their footsteps on the sanitized floor.
“…..and this next door will take us to the heart of the complex; the computer that controls it all. On all the official papers, his name is JCN, but we call him Jason. It was chief programmer Serge Guinokov who gave him that name. The story goes that he chose those letters in a reference to the original IBM Corporation, and of course HAL, the supercomputer from the classic cineflick 2001. If you refer to page 13 of your booklets, I am sure you will see the connection.”

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