2006-05-14 1425 Opinion: Do you want Big Brother watching you?

Do you want Big Brother watching you?

If I do something stupid and 8 people see, I might shrug it off. If I do something stupid and 80 people see, I might not hang around that part of town. But if I do something stupid and 80,000 people see, then I might be scarred for life. It’s just not meant to work that way.

The quote above is from a comment on a Slashdot article highlighting that Shoreditch TV is showing live footage from the district into people’s homes. The surveillance cameras in the area will be shown on live TV, 24 hours a day. It’s soon to be available as a subscription service throughout the UK. If you live in the area, your every movement can be watched by thousands.

They say it’s fighting crime.

In this reality TV gone mad? Is this an unholy mix of profit-making and paranoia-pandering?

Will they be able to vote people out of the area, and will the last man standing win free council tax for a year?

Is this a good thing? What do you think?

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