2006-05-11 1014 Lifestuff: 3 hours of marketing, still reported alive

3 hours of marketing, still reported alive

That’s what we went through last night. Three hours of a marketing seminar. ‘Twas good too; marketing told by someone with a sense of humour and a not-too-intense personality is a good thing. Most marketing gurus I’ve met tend to think and act like they own the world and You Will Buy.

Like most marketing seminars, it turns out to be more of a journey of self-discovery, where you ask questions about yourself, your motivation and look at how much you believe in what you’re selling. Then look at what the customer wants, and see if the two can be made to meet. Just keep repearing under your breath “sales is not religion” and you’ll be fine though.

The main objective of the evening was to get us to think about what we’re doing, and who we’re trying to sell it to. In that respect, it worked.

I’m thinking.

In other news: Linux upgrade is 50% complete. I’ve upgraded from Slackware 10.0 to 10.1 without a hitch, all while I’ve been using the computer, just one reboot at the end “to be sure”. Stage two is upgrade from 10.1 to 10.2. Don’t be fooled by the little increase in version numbers – that’s quite a big step.

Computer is running 10,000 times faster than XP ever did, with not a single disk swap frenzy at all. Nice. Damn, I love Linux.

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