2006-05-09 1939 Linux: Switched back from XP to Linux, hopefully for good.

Ah, that’s better

So here I am, having moved from Opera 9.0 preview to…… Opera 9.0 preview. It’s faster, more stable, takes up less memory and is a whole lot better than before.

Um…. hang on. It’s the same program, isn’t it.

Yups! What has changed is the move from XP to Linux. It really is 1,000% times better. After all these years of using and abusing Linux, I should know this, but it still comes as something of a shock each time I make the switch.

Think of it this way.

Your computer is a road. You are the driver. Your OS is the car. Which would you choose – a five-year old badly designed clunker that’s burdened down with too much needless weight, or a Ferrari?? Nuff said, people. Nuff said.

What prompted me to try out XP on a long-term test was three-fold. Firstly, there’s an 80Gb NTFS-formatted hard drive sitting in this machine that contains all our backups. Secondly, I really, really wanted to give XP a fair chance. Lastly, games.

Taking this in reverse order, games isn’t an issue any more. If I wanna play, there’s a PS2 in the same room and Gameboy emulators galore. I’m happy.

As regards giving it a fair test, I’d say that over a year of swearing at XP is enough for anyone. The pain has been partially alleviated thanks to a little Linux terminal sitting in the corner of the screen for those times I’ve needed to do Real Computer Stuff, but other than that, XP has barely passed the grade as a glorified dumb web browser terminal. Sheesh. I’m fed up with losing work, with having to wait for no reason while the disk thrashes, and having to just put up with it’s annoying, stupid, idiotic quirks. What I’m going to miss is a handful of programs. Bye bye Photoshop, I love you, but it’s GIMP for me from hereon.

The 80Gb drive is a challenge for tomorrow. We still need it, so I’ve got to get it connected, shared and read-write ASAP. Captive-NTFS will be my friend, methinks.

I’ve still stuff to do – upgrade to the latest version of Slackware, find a substitute for iTunes, etc.

It’s good to be home.

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