2006-05-09 0846 Lifestuff: XP eXPired

XP eXPired

I’m going back to 100% Linux.

It’s goodbye, XP. Goodbye tapping my feet while the computer tries to open a menu. Goodbye to random crashes and reboots. Goodbye to needed anti-virus and anti-adware crap taking up 25% of my system resources just to patch holes of the Operating System’s making.

One thousand two hundred million instructions per second. That’s what 1.2Ghz means, so why does it take 10 seconds for a File->Open dialog box to crawl onto my screen. Microsoft, you’re not stealing any more clock cycles from me, you bastards.

XP has failed the long-term test. It just can’t hack it, it’s crippleware of the highest order.

I’m going back to the Source.

Linux, it’s a welcome home.

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