2006-05-07 2138 Writing: Fact or Fiction

Fact or Fiction

“Your honour, what is to be done? Our numbers are falling, we are viewed as little more than an embarrassing reminder of a bygone age. We are distrusted and blamed for countless deaths and poverty due to our stance on contraception, abortion and AIDS. In short, my lord, unless we do something, we are finished.”

“Patience, my friend. We can work the feelings of this age to our advantage. I have thought of a way to make people passionate about faith again. I will put the Bible on the lips of people the world over. They will question, and like Thomas, their doubting will bring them closer to God. In their quest to find the truth they will ignore the dying millions in Africa and the victims of AIDS. They will visit the churches like never before, study our history and thirst for stories about the life of our lord Jesus.”

“But your honour…..how is this possible? You speak of miracles!”

“No. I speak of conspiracies. I know this author, and……….”

The rest, as they say, is history.

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