2006-05-06 1620 Photography: Panorama: View from Palterton

Panorama: View from Palterton

Panorama: View from Palterton

Yesterday was hot Hot HOT so we did what all Mad Dogs and Englishmen (and a certain Swede) do, and headed out in the mid day sun.

Net result: sweaty feet, hot headaches and lovely piccies. Most of them contained a disproportionately high amount of yellow. Rapeseed is everywhere.

This particular view was taken from the top of Palterton hill, about 2 miles from home. In fact, I think where we live is in this shot somewhere. Must be.

For the technically minded, this is 5 TIFs converted from RAW then stitched together. To take the shots I used ISO 100, locked the exposure on the first shot, then swivelled on my heels to keep the horizon level. A touch of levels and sharpening, and we’re done. The final result is an 8Mb jpeg that’s just plain huge.

Click on the pic above to see a bigger version, or here to see the full (8Mb) version. Count the sheep. ☺

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