2006-05-05 0852 Lifestuff: Yesterday I bought a Playstation……….

Free the Playstation One

Yesterday I bought a Playstation. It’s a real, honest-to-goodness original beast, back from before the time when they were renamed PS-One in a Prince-like attempt to look trendy again. If even had the original Playstation non-vibrating, no nipple-wiggler controller too. And 9 games. And the scart lead. And it’s mod-chipped.

All for the grand sum of £6 from a flea market. For those who don’t know want a flea market is, think eBay but it’s possible to touch stuff and meet people. Scary, I know.

Anyhow, I’m now the proud owner of (another) Playstation. My diminutive PS-One (with LCD – lovely) is at gran’s for my boys to play. This one, however, is mine. A modded Playstation is hacktastic!

Anyhow. It’s easy to forget what an amazing piece of kit the original Playstation was. It really did breath life back into the world of console gaming like no other. Sure, the Dreamcast was more hackable, the XBox was more ..expensive….., but the Playstation was the one which introduced gaming to a new generation. It’s games were colourful, fun and appealed to all ages of gamer from the littlest kid to the most mature member of the family. There’s a whole raft of intelligent, complex games out there (like the seminal Final Fantasy series) that offer hundreds of hours of gaming pleasure. Best of all, those games are now available for mere pennies in bargain bins everywhere.

Minor update and confession: I wrote this last night on the new (old) laptop while the connection was down. There were rumours of thunderstorms. They didn’t happen, but the connection went down anyway. I guess it believed the rumours. Anyhow, while it was down I played through the games that came with the PS: In short, Who Wants to be a Millionaire rocks; Weakest Link sucks because it’s just like the show and I have the show; Harry Potter is great; Radikal Bikers is the funniest race game, ever; Lego Racers is ok but feels slower than the PC version; I’ve forgotten the rest.

More, later.

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