2006-05-02 1020 Lifestuff: :DEV signups. Woohoo!


::DEV is going from strength to strength with quite a number of new signups over the last few days. The server chewed signup emails yesterday (grrrrrrrr…..) but it looks like they’ve been sent out now, so that’s good.

Meantime, if you want a free, zero-install, ad and banner-free WordPress 2.0 blog hop over to ::DEV and signup too. You can import from blogger as well, so you don’t have to tear your hair out any more.

Note to self: make a list of the free, cool stuff I’ve got out there, like free WordPress blogs, free wikispace if you ask nicely, free drupal blog for all accounts at Greywulf::Net, etc.

I’m a giveaway kinda guy.

And I didn’t snigger at the name of the Nintendo Wee once. Spell it how it sounds, guys. I just can’t wait for the Apple to bring out the iPoop in direct competition.

That’s enough self-publicising. I’m off to write another story for The Grey Scribe now. ☺

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