2006-04-29 1703 Linux: Five programs I would love to see ported to Linux

Linux wishlist

Four programs I would love to see ported to Linux:

Adobe Photoshop

GIMP is a good replacement, but it lacks Photoshop’s plugins (oh for Noise Ninja or DxO) and the shear breadth of support and information. I can find something new about Photoshop every single day. Yes, I can make GIMP look like Photoshop. I can do pretty much everything I want in GIMP too, but it’s just not the same. WE WANT PHOTOSHOP!

Photomatix Pro

I’m now hooked on High-Dynamic Range images. Until I find a way of creating tone-mapped HDRs using Linux (and I’m sure there is a way) this is now on my ‘essential apps’ list.

Sims 2

Just because, y’know………..

Caligari Truespace

A 3D program that’s fun to fiddle with. Blender is great, but it’s not got that “ooooh, what does this do” kiddie in a toy-box feeling I get from Truespace. Blender looks more like the flight deck of an Airbus, and that carries through to how it feels to use too.

I know wine will run almost all of these with varying degrees of success, but I’d love to see Linux-native versions of these programs so they’re thread-safe, real multi-user and don’t need wine’s (admittedly very clever) overlay to run. Photoshop + Linux’s memory management and stability = photo manipulation heaven.

Four programs I would hate to see ported to Linux:

Internet Explorer

It is a broken piece of software that’s destined to destroy everything it touches. Rather than be “upgraded” (read: made bigger and even less compatible with Standards) it should be buried in a shallow grave where ravens can pick out its eyes. Putting IE on Linux would be like fitting a motor from a lawn mower into a Porche.

Microsoft Word

Ditto, above. It’s not needed. We want Open Document formats with no “added extras” (read: No compatibility problems). Word has had its day. Unlike IE though, it could evolve into being a good Open Document word-processor, but I don’t see it happening any time soon. Not while Microsoft is playing with putting everything “Live” (read: Dead in the water), anyway.

Any print drivers made by HP

HP. Good printers, terrible drivers. Why in the name of all that’s holy does a printer need 500Mb of “drivers” (read: a photo album, red-eye reduction software, online help and 500 flash movies) with no option to uninstall the bits you don’t need. Why oh why oh why. Please, HP – never, ever infect Linux like you have Windows.

Sims 2

Yes, I would love it to be ported. I’d hate it too, because I fear it would consume my life. :)

There’s my list. Now what’s yours? What programs couldn’t you live without? What’s stopping you from making the move to Linux and kicking Windows where it hurts?

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