2006-04-28 1713 Photography: High-Dynamic Range Head-to-Head

High-Dynamic Range Head-to-Head

Here’s another comparison. The first is HDR, the second one isn’t. Again, same shot, just different magic.

A view of a view - HDR

A view of a view - non-HDR

(Again, click to view larger image. HDRs look much better large – at this smaller size they appear to be over-sharpened. It’s not, I promise!)

This is the view from behind the church at Old Whittington. We spent the afternoon wandering the old graveyard (in a non-ghoulish kinda way). I took around 100 shots, mostly RAW format, and I’m happy with about 90% of them in all. That’s one heck of a good hit rate, mainly thanks to the lovely light.

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