2006-04-25 0936 Opinion: God(tm)


Here’s a few questions for all you Christians out there:

1. Did God make everything?
2. Does he have dominion over everything?

Now, if my Bible and theology stuff is up to scratch, the answer to those (from a Christian perspective) is a resounding YES.

So, given that the US is a (supposedly) Christian country run by a (supposedly) Christian President and elected body, how the heck can any patent/trademark/IP laws exist in the US?

I meant, if God owns everything, how can you patent it?

If God created everything, how can you claim Intellectual Property rights? Did you think of it before God? Ha! I don’t think so!

Yet the US has the most strict, dumbass, stupid laws when it comes to “property” of any country. Legal battles run into millions of dollars.

Oh. It’s all about the money, of course. I keep forgetting. ☺

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