2006-04-20 1332 Tumblelog: Reasons to love Blog Mad #1,364

Reasons to love Blog Mad #1,364

Blog Mad’s database died so I sent a few words of support to …um…. Blog Mad support:

Just a quick “well done” to you guys for bringing blog mad back to life after the database death. Stuff happens.
My Crazy rank died, but that’s a small price to pay :)
Keep up the good work.

The marvelous DoctorMoo replied:

I will update your account to reflect the ‘Crazy’ rank. I have also given you an additional 10% worth of credits for any inconvenience caused.
Thank you for your kind words and continued support.

Folks, it just doesn’t get better than Blog Mad when it comes to blog exchanges, seriously.

If you’re not already a member, JOIN NOW. You know you want to ☺

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