2006-04-18 0908 Linux: I'm *this* close to dropping XP completely.

Technological Advancement? I don’t think so

I’m sat in front of my new (old) laptop. It’s got 1/6th the processing power of my desktop computer, 1/15th the memory and a fraction of the hard disk space. Why is it that this computer responds instantly to my wants and needs, flitting between web browser, text editor and whatever else I’m doing, yet my desktop machine just…stops…at every request.

A right-click is a mammoth undertaking requiring 5 whole seconds of thought before that one simple menu appears. Opening a program on the desktop is an excuse to sit back and drink more coffee, and the concept of running three or more programs at the same time just fills it with sludge. I expect to be able to use the computer, not treat it like a lawn ornament. I should be able to have a web browser open with 5 or so windows, and be working on an image in Photoshop at the same time. It really shouldn’t be the problem that the desktop makes it. It is powerful enough.

Clearly though, it isn’t. 512Mb ram just isn’t enough, apparently. Yet why is is just 32Mb RAM is enough for this little laptop. Why can I have 20-odd programs running at the same time on this laptop while just 3 bring the ‘more powerful’ desktop to it’s needs.

Oh, I keep forgetting. The desktop is running a f*cking memory and processor hog for an Operating System. The laptop is running Linux. That explains everything.

Look. Windows is a con. It cripples your computer and turns even the most powerful machine into something more akin to a fricking 486. It’s like attaching lead weights to a Ferrari. Even if you paint those lead weights red and give them pretty curves, they are still lead weights.

I’m this close to dropping XP completely. Only three things are stopping me – Photoshop (which I could replace with GIMP in a second), Sims 2 and the fact I’ve got this little laptop which flies. XP has a reprieve, for now.

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