2006-04-17 0940 Opinion: I wasn't going to post again, but…….

I wasn’t going to post again, but…….

I’m surfing through Blog Explosion while Blog Mad is down, and spot an advert on one of those pointless, puerile fake porn blog sites. It’s those sites that give blogging a bad name and the reason why surf-for-traffic sites aren’t Safe for Kids. Yes, I know it’s possible to turn them off, but I reckon these places should be opt-in, not opt-out, as Blog Mad, Blog Explosion and the rest don’t have an “18 or over” policy. And kid can sign up with traffic sites and end up seeing exactly the kind of stuff the average parent doesn’t want them to see.

Make it opt-in and these site will die the pathetic death they deserve. If I wanted to look at stolen images of average women made beautiful through the miracle of Photoshop I’d read the fricking Grattan’s catalogue, or, y’know, actually go to a porn site, not have one thrust upon me.

But anyway. The ad. This was it.


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