2006-04-16 1129 Opinion: So, let me get this straight……..

So, let me get this straight……..

You have two central holy days in your calendar. One celebrates the rebirth of the sun god and during this time you hang holly and mistletoe which symbolises the menstrual blood of Diana and the white semen of Saturn on your walls. You put an evergreen tree in the corner which symbolises fertility.

The other event celebrates the Great Mother Goddess Eastre and the rebirth of Attis, virgin-born consort of Cybele. It’s held around the Spring Equinox during which time yet more symbols of fertility and images of the rabbit-spirit are exchanged.

The central character in your religion is Horus, sky god and son of Osiris and Isis. His birth was celebrated during the Winter Solstice and was heralded by the appearance of Sirius, the dog star. He was baptised by Anup who was subsequently beheaded. Horus raised (L)Osiris from the dead. He was crucified, travelled through Hell and was resurrected three days later.

And you call us Pagan……..

Happy Eastre!

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