2006-04-14 1019 Opinion: Why does the Devil have all the best templates?

Why does the Devil have all the best templates?

I have a question. Why in the name of all that’s holy do all Christian bloggers have The Worst HTML skills, ever?

It’s a broad generalization, I know. Perhaps there’s ohhhhh… 5 people out there in the big wide world who want to proclaim Christ as their Lord and Saviour in colours other than purple-with-yellow text. I just haven’t found them yet.

Is it a requirement that Christians must lose all sense of colour coordination, an understanding of font sizes (here’s a hint – using HUGE YELLOW TEXT doesn’t make you any more holy, ok?), and 20 pixel dashed borders around your text don’t add to your gospel message. I don’t remember Jesus saying “blessed are the poor of eyesight for they will like your blog”.

Oh, and 500 animated gif adverts for Other Christian Blog Sites. Just……don’t. Please.

If Colin and Justin from How Not to Decorate were web designers, they’d run screaming from a Christian blog. I know I do.

Please, God, let your people use sane, clean, good looking templates.

I’m just asking.

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