2006-04-14 0841 Lifestuff: We've been to Roche Abbey. Again.

Roche Abbey

Roche Abbey, HDR
My car’s spent another few days in the garage at the start of this week. Thankfully it’s all fixed now, but it needed a good run to make sure all is well. After a little deliberation, we ended up at Roche Abbey yesterday. It’s a ruin of an old Abbey just North of here run by our friends English Heritage. It’s also one of the most magnificent ruins I’ve ever seen with just enough remaining to give a hint at what a wonderful and splendid place the Abbey must have been in it’s heyday.

This was our third visit to the place – the first time the sky was very overcast and threatening to break into a mega-storm any second. Here’s what it looked like back then.

Roche Abbey and the Gathering Storm
(Click for larger image)

The second time we went it was closed, so all we could do was wander helplessly around the perimeter. The most exciting thing I could take a photo of was a tree branch and it looked like this:

Roche Abbey Revisited
(Click for larger image)

So I’m glad that third time lucky the weather held, it was open and we could dedicate a few happy hours shooting old things.

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