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I spent enormous chunks of my young-teenhood getting lost in Metroid and Zelda worlds… And to this day I think of doing those endless rolls while waiting for the bad guys to show up in X-Wing…

Kal Jones 2006-04-09 12:59 UTC

Zelda is fun, and so is Super Mario Bros. And of course Sonic :D I love Sonic coz it’s fast :D

christa 2006-04-09 13:02 UTC

Any version of Worms is classic – well, the 2D ones anyway.

I love MAME – some of my favourite games are ones that I didn’t spot in the arcades at the time… Flicky primarily. Of the ones I knew about, I still love Mr Do!

What I’d kill for though is for a way to play the Dreamcast version of Chu Chu Rocket again :) – The trouble with that game was that it almost gave lots of my friends heart attacks and everyone refused to play with me! Similar things happened with Bomberman and Worms but they weren’t as hyper as Chu Chu Rocket.

On a little web site I found a playable version of the puzzle mini games… (it’s in japanese – but you place arrows on the grid to steer mice on to a rocket – there is a go button on the left and a cancel)

The main game was far more hectic – 4 players in real time placing directional arrows on a grid as cats and mice whizzed around it, each player trying to guide the mice in to their rocket (which takes off when it’s full) whilst trying to steer the cats in to the enemys rockets to eat all of their mice! – it has to be seen to be believed! :)

publicenergy 2006-04-09 15:29 UTC

I still play games and always will. They are a major influence in my life and actually cotributed to the super intellectual philosopher know as reaper. I can name so many old games it isn’t even funny. A rather memorable one from my Genesis days is Starflight.

Also: Am I technically a teenager? The mind of a 90 year old in a young body, I never can decide. I am also a theorizing philosopher………I guess I am old! waves cane at some passing youths Argggg, my hip! Back in my day……….Bleggg!!! Whipper snapper! Explosion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

reaper 2006-04-09 21:36 UTC

p.e.: Chankast is a rather good dreamcast emulator. That’s one step toward being able to play Chu Chu Rocket again. :)

Dreamcasts are pretty cheap to buy now though, and there’s a good reason to own one. It’ll run Linux, which is very cool. And that means it’ll run MAME. All those lovely classic games on one CD, playable on a Dreamcast. Mmmmmmm………

GreyWulf 2006-04-10 08:50 UTC

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