2006-04-10 0812 Opinion: Nuke them till they glow? You decide!

Put yourself in their shoes

Bush says: If you possess nuclear weapons, we’ll bomb you with ours until you glow.

Would you:

a) Say “You’re right, only the US should be able to kill hundreds of thousands of people. We bow before your superior intellect and surrender.”

b) Do nothing. They’re bluffing.

c) Strike first.

d) Get some, then strike first. The US won’t believe us if we say we haven’t got any anyway. They didn’t in Iraq.

e) Pretend to do nothing while start secretly supporting terrorist attacks against the US, even though you’ve not done so in the past. The US thinks the world is a movie set and big flashy explosions make for great TV. Let’s give them some before the end credits roll.

Answers on a postcard to………

The “Bush is a big fucking idiot who has done more to create fear in the hearts of ordinary Americans” competition
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

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