2006-04-08 0736 Opinion: Make Puberty History

Make Puberty History

The world would be a better place without teenagers. Discuss.

In other news, someone’s stolen all my Blog Mad credits overnight. Give them back, you bastards!

Last night: Friends, Will and Grace, My Name is Earl. Which just goes to show there are some great US TV shows out there. Which is good.

I’m blogging in very short sentences. The caffeine transfusion hasn’t kicked in yet.

My car is dead. Again. Boo hoo. Being fixed on Monday. Yay!

Kaspersky Labs creates virus that infects both Windows and Linux, just because they’re bitter and didn’t get enough Open Source goodness as a child. I bet their mommies just didn’t love them enough. I can’t think of any other reason for doing this. Oh wait, they make anti-virus software. That explains it.

Here’s a thought. If the creation of viruses was a crime, all anti-virus companies would be behind bars. Ironic, isn’t it?

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