2006-04-05 1046 Opinion: How can they call themselves the "Right" ??

How can they call themselves the “Right” ??

Amnesty International today released a new report which exposes a covert operation whereby people have been arrested or abducted, transferred and held in secret or handed over to countries where they have faced torture and other ill-treatment. The report describes how the CIA has used private aircraft operators and front companies to preserve the secrecy of “rendition” flights.

Source: Below the radar: Secret flights to torture.

Is it Right to torture people? Is it Right to ignore the law? Is it Right to lie about your actions? Is it Right to take people and hold them without trial, for any reason? Is it Right to turn your back on the US Constitution – the very thing you claim to be defending? Is it Right to use people and manipulate people and the events of 9/11 to your own greedy ends?

They have no right on their side.

Even their name is a lie.

They must go.

Let’s put it another way. You don’t win a war (even an illegal one) by being more evil than the people you’re fighting against. That’s how you lose.

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