2006-04-04 0847 Lifestuff: Let me know. I'm curious!

Back to Back

The glowing coal that’s stuck at the base of my back took away all desire to head out for a walk yesterday. Thankfully it’s subsided to being just a painful twinge today, so we’re going out later to do the necessary shopping’n’stuff. I’ll probably take my camera too and see if we can detour toward something photogenic. Tescos just doesn’t cut it as a photographic location. Sorry, guys.

Oh, and the spellcheck (I love Opera’s built-in spellchecker!) has suggested “hypersensitive” as the correct spelling for “shopping’n’stuff”. Heh.

Meantime, I’ve a question for you.

How many blogs to you have and actively maintain? None? One? Two? Thirty?

Let me know. I’m curious!

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