2006-04-03 1639 Opinion: Coming to a TV schedule near you.

It’s SOCA, not soccer. Must remember…..

Britain has a new US-style investigation squad called the Serious Organized Crime Agency. I can imagine the phone calls over the the US now:

“Hey, it’s that SOCA guy again!”

“Tell him we’ve got our own rules for football, dammit.”


If this is the Agency for Serious Organized Crime, when are we going to get one for Frivolous Organized Crime? FOCA would be the taskforce charged with hunting down the criminals responsible for the theft of £75 million in Monopoly money, and hunt down all those Dumb criminals out there.

And what about Serious Disorganized Crime? Mustn’t forget those criminals who don’t plan for their future. After all, not all crooks have pension plans. Only the elected ones.

The most scary thing about this whole thing (apart from the prospect of seeing retired ex-police chiefs in aviation sunglasses all over the place) is the inevitable scheduling of SOCA:London, SOCA:Rotherham and SOCA:Blackpool bursting out of the TV schedules of Channel 5. Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

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