2006-03-30 2106 Tumblelog: Ahhhh…it's good to be back.

The Internet is dead. I didn’t do it.

The server over at EP Farms was dead for a few hours today, which was fun. I’ve got faith in those guys though. I knew it would be back eventually.

Meantime our service provider is also yo-yo-ing, and network speed is downright terrible. I think we’re surfing by carrier pigeon right now :)

If anything else dies around here I’m going to take it personally and change my deodorant.

Thankfully, my oh-so-clever little Virtual copy of Linux sits running wedged in the corner of my screen. It’s comforting to know something still works. Yesterday I installed Ruby on Rails and wrote a quick tutorial for Greywulf::Net on how to get started and create your first app. If you’re interested in getting into programming the quick way, I recommend hopping over for a read. I’ll be covering a lot more Ruby (and Perl, and PHP) at that site over the coming weeks.

Oh, and a few more stories for The Grey Scribe are in the pipeline too.

Ahhhh…it’s good to be back.

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