2006-03-28 0807 Lifestuff: 1926 again. Or not.


Phew! Well, we survived the Great Flood of Yesterday and the pheasants are somehow still alive too. They must be waterproof.

One and a half million people in the UK are on strike today because of a change to pension rights; that’s most schools, libraries and most council run services. That’s roughly the same as the General Strike of 1926 which resulted in the government passing the Trade Disputes and Trade Union Act which made going on strike in support of someone else’s dispute illegal.

Back then, miners were striking because of worsening work conditions and reduced wages. In a show of solidarity, railwaymen, transport workers, printers, dockers and iron and steel workers also came out in their support, figuring if it could happen to miners, it would likely also happen to them. The country was crippled.

The government decided to starve them out. It won. In some areas miners stayed on strike from May to end the of November when poverty and the cold weather broke their spirit.

That strike brought the country to it’s knees yet the government didn’t back down.

What difference is just one day going to make, really?

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