2006-03-27 1017 Fun: In the now-fashionable spirit of Bush bashing ……….

Blogposts revisited

In the now-fashionable spirit of Bush bashing (which sounds like a euphemism for….oh, never mind….), here’s a post I made back in January. Hope you like it. :)

Armageddon it

We’ve just watched Armegeddon in which Bruce Willis saves the world. Again. It’s a fun movie with enough explosions, popcorn science and Huge Flying Rocks to satisfy the average cinema goer. Shame it got buried amid the other 1,500 “asteroid about to hit Earth” movies that also came out in 1998.

It did make me wonder what would happen if an asteroid the size of Texas threatened Earth while Bush was president. Here’s my thoughts:

  • He’d swear to hunt the asteroid down wherever it hid
  • Bush would declare war on Mars. He’ll argue that the Martians must exist, we just haven’t found them yet
  • The asteroid will only be attacked if there’s oil in it
  • The CIA would tell Bush that the asteroid has been hijacked by Muslims
  • Cheney would agree that torturing atrophysicists is a reasonable course of action if it saveguards the world
  • Tony Blair would agree with everything Bush said or did. No matter how stupid, insane or crazy it appears to everyone else
  • Bush would then blow up the moon, as it had obviously conspired with the asteroid.
  • Everyone on the planet will be watched and monitored by the US on the grounds we might all be conspiring with aliens.


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