2006-03-27 0838 Lifestuff: Spam. Rain. Spam. Rain. Spam. Rain.


With spam, that is, though the rain sure is beating down today too. I might need to build an Ark later, to rescue our pheasants and the squirrel. We’ll see.

Oh yes, spam. Alex finally pushed me over the edge and convinced me to upgrade my copy of OddMuse (superpowered wiki that also does the blog thang) to the latest version. I guess my 2005 vintage just didn’t cut it any more. Heh.

So, after upgrading both that and all the add-in modules I use (and removing a few I don’t-but-they-were-there), spam seems to be a thing of the past once more. Which is good.

So, thanks, Alex. You were right. :)

More later. A pheasant is floating past the window.

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