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Um…a statue is always created entirely by
That’s why it’s called art ;)

christa 2006-03-17 08:47 UTC

Nice pic! I did study Latin for a good few years so I should be able to have a stab at the Latin name for the side entrance to a cathedral, trouble is that it was many years ago and I can’t remember much of the grammar!

The main aisle of a cathedral or church that extends from the back of the building to the altar at the front is called the nave, while the aisle going across the building at right angles to the nave is known as the transept, which (according to a Google search) comes from the Latin words ‘trans’ (across) and ‘saeptum’ (partition). I’ll assume the entrance where you took the photo allows access to the transept, so in English we could call it the ‘transept entrance’.

Now here’s where I start to get stuck. If we call it a porch instead of an entrance then we can use the Latin word ‘porticus’, so could be ‘porticus transaeptus’? Sounds fairly impressive, anyway ;-)


– JohnD? 2006-03-17 20:18 UTC

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