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Statistics are rarely to be trusted anyways. I’ve had far more hits a day from BE than what their statistics show and I think it’s just a bunch of numbers they use to make bloggers satisfied and nothing else.

What I did like about BM in the beginning was that I could see how many credits I earned in one browser session. They took that down when it began to screw up the numbers (66,000 something credits :p) and maybe they’re still working on that bit of the script.

As for BE and their sale…well, it’s not a site I would want to buy. Mostly because it’s not a source of income. To pay for a blog it needs to generate clean cash, which neither of these exchanges do today. And it’s a darn expensive hobby to have, managing a website like that just for fun :p
But as you said, I wish them all the luck too. I hope the buyers have enough money and time to keep it going without ruin what the BE team have built along the way.

As for that newsletter, it’s just plain childish.

christa 2006-03-08 11:54 UTC

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