2006-03-22 0023 Opinion: Imps. Small red devilish things. Ick.

Promise the stars and all you will have to offer is a ball of gas

(Insert cute picture of an Imp here because I’m too tired to find one)

The BBC seem to be promising a heck of a lot in their latest technology pow-wow. Lovely word that, Pow….wow….

They’re snuggling up to Microsoft, eBay, Amazon and MySpace in an effort to look like they’re one of the Big Guys too. They’re acting a bit like the one with glasses who used to hang around with the bullies at your school. That was me, by the way. Sorry about that.

What they are trying to make a fuss about is an iMP. This is just another stupidly capitalized acronym (never a good sign) that stands for Integrated Media Player. What they mean is a PC that plays movies, music and connects to the internet. Like the PC you’ve got already, really. Oh, and it can download content via peer-to-peer. Yes, just like the computer you’ve got already.

The iMP is going to be one of two things; a) nothing at all, or b) a case-mod. Five years ago we turned our desktop computers vertical and put them under the desk. Now they want to turn it horizontal again and shove it under the TV. It’ll probably be silver too. God I hate that plastic-silver effect.

On the upside, we’ll be able to download episodes of Doctor Who off the Internet. Just like we do already.

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