2006-03-20 0910 Lifestuff: Upbeat about Iraq. Yeh. Right.

This is now

Coffee, yawn, morning, cold.

Bush is “Upbeat about Iraq”. I guess that means he’s killed enough people to unlock the secret level or something. He obviously thinks that killing people (or, even worse, getting poor people who didn’t vote for him to kill on his behalf) is fun, fun, fun. Evil, twisted, malicious, self-serving, country-invading unpopular bastard that he is. There, I’ve said it.

Neil Gaiman, by contrast, is very cool, even though lawyers are stupid. They thought a picture of him on a website meant he owned the site. Let’s throw evil tomatoes at the lawyers, folks. Hey, they started it :)

In case you didn’t know, Blog Mad is opening it’s doors to “the public” (does that mean we are “the private”?) Very Soon. Leave a comment with your email address if you are the only person on the planet who hasn’t signed up yet. I’ll invite you.

If you are reading this from the US: You are cattle. Moo. Spread the word.

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