2006-03-19 1846 Fun: Where all the best ideas begin, and end

Ideas from the shower #4,675: Turning The Tabloids

If there are any celebrities out there, I’ve a doozy of an idea for you. How about a magazine that turns the tables on paparazzi, that sniffs out the sordid stories of their lives, photographs them on holidays and while they’re out shopping and generally does all the things to them that they do to you.

Imagine your satisfaction at being able to point at a photographer and say “Hey look, there’s Jay Sordich! He’s cheating on his wife!”. You could even pull your own camera out and take a photo of him, shooting you. The mag will publish it, and pay.

It will report where the paparazzi are 24 hours a day, when (and where) they go on holiday and help you to choose the best times to take your own vacations.

Actors and other stars will contribute, turning it into required reading for A-listers and their fans alike.

If this idea appeals to you, Donate and I will make it happen if I receive a total of $100,000 in contributions. No, seriously :)

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