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There’s something very genuine about comfort food, isn’t it? It makes us feel good…but with a sting of guilt that this hidden knowledge of facts will give us.

As a former bodybuilder and diet freak I can tell you that the 2,000-2,500 calories a day that are recommended is meant for people who doesn’t move around a lot – like us :p
That’s the price for being lazy ;)

christa 2006-02-01 21:15 UTC

Are you sure about the 6,000 calories? According to the website it’s more like 1,500:

Big Mac = 493 calories
Large fries = 450 calories
Large strawberry shake = 506 calories

Total: 1,449 calories

– JohnD? 2006-02-03 12:47 UTC


It’s just over 2,000 for the Big Mac, 1,900 for the large fries and 2,100 for the large Strawberry Shake as per the nutrition info on the printed sheet here in the UK. I’ll try to remember to pick one up and scan it in.

Just looking at it almost gave me a heart attack :)

GreyWulf 2006-02-03 13:18 UTC

Sorry to resurrect this, but I just had to investigate further! :)

Think it must be 6,000 kilojoules, not calories. Try typing “493 kilocalories in kilojoules” into Google, and it comes up with just over 2,000 (that’s for the Big Mac).

The total quoted on the McDonald?‘s website for a large Big Mac meal (1,449 calories) is equivalent to just over 6,000 kilojoules, so that would be about right.

Wonder how much is in a large doner kebab with everything on? They seem to be forming my staple diet at the moment. Heart attack, here I come! :)

– JohnD? 2006-02-09 12:37 UTC

John, I think you might be right :) I stand corrected.

Doner kebabs ARE addictive, aren’t they?

All the best,

GreyWulf 2006-02-13 08:26 UTC

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