2006-03-15 2148 Opinion: The Internet Wants to be Free

The Internet Wants to be Free

Here’s a small test for you.

  1. Hold your hand palm upward about three inches away from your face level with your mouth
  2. Say something you know to be true. Your name, for example. Speak it out loud
  3. Close your hand as quickly as possible

Did you catch the words? Did you stop the truth from getting out?

No, of course you didn’t.

But that’s exactly what so many people want to do. They want to censor the truth, stop it from spreading. They want to catch it in their hands and prevent the truth from reaching the rest of the world. They want to hold it in their hands and crush it until the truth is nothing more than dust between their fingers.

It doesn’t matter who these people are. Chinese, Bush, the CIA, terrorists or whoever. Whatever their motive, whatever their reasons THEY MUST BE STOPPED.

That’s why I’ve joined Distributed Boing Boing so that at least one source of information is available, and stories like this can be seen, wherever you live.

In their words:

In February 2006, Boing Boing was added to the list of sites blocked by SmartFilter, making it inaccessible to people in various countries and organizations. Although one can argue the merits of censorship either way, I’m personally against it. Distributed Boing Boing is my attempt at protest.

This is clever stuff. I’m sure that this technique will extend to other sites that are similarly blocked – including Google, by themselves. I endorse them all, 100%.

My node is here: http://www.greywulf.uk.to/dbb/dbb.php

If you want to create your own Distributed Boing Boing node, just follow the instructions on their site.

The Internet Wants to be Free

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