2006-03-12 0910 Lifestuff: On spam, Sicilians and blizzards

On spam, Sicilians and blizzards

This blog seems to be picking up a small share of spam lately. As it is the oh-so-wonderful OddMuse and not Some Huge Blogging System ©, spam is quite rare. Most days I get none. Some days I wake up to find the spammer has left a message or two on the carpet like a naughty puppy.

There is a difference between a spammer and a puppy though. I would cheerfully put a spammer in a large sack and throw them in a river. I wouldn’t do that to a puppy.

It’s pretty pointless trying to spam a wiki in the first place. Wikis have a number of tricks up their sleeves that are streets ahead of what blogs offer. Like revision control, full event logging, content banning and – most importantly of all – a mindset of large-scale collaboration.

The wiki community is like a self-editing mafia. Mess with one wiki and you’re messing with one tough crowd.

Spammer, I know who you are. You have been warned.

These mafioso-like feelings on mine probably come from the fact that we watched two good (not great, but good) movies back-to-back last night. The first was Mickey Blue Eyes, the second Get Shorty. This was more a happy accident in the TV schedules rather than any pre-planning on our part.

It struck me that the US has a fascination with funny-but-evil nepotist murdering megalomaniacs. It was at that moment that I realised why George Bush was re-elected. There you have it. Iraq was invaded and it’s all John Travolta, Danny de Vito and Hugh Grant’s fault.

On a lighter note…….. IT’S SNOWING!!.

Man, I love snow. It does something to my inner child. Not, of course, that my inner child is far from the surface. He’s more of an outer child, really.

We’ve been warned of “serious weather conditions”, “blizzards” and to “only leave the house if you really need to”. Anywhere else in the world this would mean the snow was so thick that you couldn’t find your house if you go more than 500 feet away. Here in the UK it means you might just find enough snow in your garden to make the head of a very small snowman. Go figure.

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