2006-03-09 1619 Photography: == Happiness is dog shaped == [[image . . .

Happiness is dog shaped

Happiness is dog shaped

I’ve been trying to be a good boy at Flickr and just upload one photo a day. We’ve taken a trip out to the Butterfly House and I’ve come back with a fair batch of shots that I’m pleased with. Good oh!

So, I’ve got the lot ready to upload, put just one up for viewing (Mummy Goat, here), and stored the rest for upload over the next few days.

Twiddling my thumbs a tad, I decided to look through my archives for a suitable shot to try out some Fake Miniature Photography.

That’s when the piccies of the dog above jumped out at me from the archives. I know it’s never been uploaded before, and I love it, so up it went.

Damn. There goes my one-photo-a-day promise. Bummer. ☺

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