2006-03-09 0858 Fun: == Great uninvented ideas #467: Bendy Glass == Here's a few made-up statistics that sound true: . . .

Great uninvented ideas #467: Bendy Glass

Here’s a few made-up statistics that sound true:

  • Most injuries from car accidents happen from people hitting or penetrating the windshield
  • The majority of vehicle thefts are carried out by breaking a window

End those two problems immediately with Bendy Glass, a new and as yet uninvented type of glass for car safety. Instead of the glass being designed to shatter on impact, it becomes flexible, and the greater the impact the more pliable it becomes.

Push Bendy Glass with your finger and you’ll feel it give a little. Hit it with a hammer and it’ll wobble. Send the full impact of your body toward it at 50mph and it will bounce you back like a twanged rubber band rather than you going through and out onto the road. It absorbs the force of the impact, sending it out across it’s surface and out to the shell of the car.

In the event of an emergency where the Bendy Glass must be removed, just use a vacuum cup to pull the windshield out. Do it slow and it will come out cleanly.

Simple. Effective. It’s a Great Uninvented Idea. I ought to patent it. ☺

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