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Mad Blogs and Englishmen

If you’re a member of Blog Explosion you’ll no doubt have received that email from them which announces that BE is up for sale. They go on to say that it’s in no way related to the new competition, they’re not bitter – and then goes with a massive diatribe stinging Blog Mad for all it’s worth. It sure makes for fun reading. :)

No, they’re not bitter at all. No siree. Nope.

Yeh, right.
– cut –

I don’t think it’s influencing the sale at all though. I think Blog Explosion’s time is right for a sale, and wish them the very best of luck. While they might well lose a few people to Blog Mad, it’s more likely that people will use both services in order to maximise their hits. That’s the smart move.

That said, Blog Mad does have a lot going for it. It’s much more tightly coded, is presented with a smarter interface and has one winning formula.

Read my lips: One to One Ratio.

No more silly half a credit. No more viewing 100 blogs (or, more likely, viewing the same 30 blogs three times each) just for fifty hits. Every single one of your views is another hit on your site. Having it any other way just feels like your time is only half as important.

It’s easier to handle multiple blogs. I’ve put my Lair, The Grey Scribe and Greywulf::Net into Blog Mad, and can keep them all in viewing credits quite easily. I’d be chained to the browser all day to manage that with Blog Explosion. Those half credits just don’t add up.

That email does make one valid point however; Blog Mad does need to show more stats. I want to see how many hits each site gets a daily. I want to see how many are coming from surfing and how many from VARB. I want big funky graphs.

Unlike BE who just want to sling mud though, I do trust that these things will come. Blog Mad is a Beta for a reason, and we’re seeing improvements daily, just as it should be. This is no fake pseudo-Beta but a real genuine chance to watch the service grow.

That’s exciting if you’re a geek like me. And I’ll bet you are.

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