2006-03-01 1703 Photography: == Of printers and squirrels == [[image . . .

Of printers and squirrels

The feeling of being watched

We made it to Focus on Imaging 2006 today at the Birmingham NEC. It gave me a chance to gawp at all the lovely equipment and Christa a chance to drool over printers large enough to print the side of a bus in one pass. Of course, the most difficult part is feeding the bus into the printer using those little rollers, but that’s another story.

Focus on Imaging is fun. Lots of photogeeks, lots of talks from experts about how to use Photoshop, Aperture and all the rest, and lots and lots of nice toys to fiddle with. “Lots” is a good word. I’ll probably use it a lot. See, there’s another one.

We walked, we looked, we ate at Wetherspoons. Or “We, the spoon” as it shows in this pic.

We, the spoon

Another browse round at more cameras (I want a Hasselblad H2D-39! Please?), printers and studio equipment then off home. We took a minor detour to Calke Abbey but didn’t even leave the car park; the little fella above, a few pheasants, a robin and a few chaffinches kept us happy with the cameras. We’ve made a mental note to return when it’s warmer. We’ll ignore the wildlife this time.

Lots more to write about. Lots and lots. More later.

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